In this time of financial doom and gloom it is often our health that becomes neglected. Osteopathy is often looked at as a luxury, when in many cases it is a necessity.

Paying out every week or two or even every month can seem expensive. This is why I have introduced the treatment packages and especially the Annual Treatment Plan. Often with longer term conditions such as osteo-arthritis, disc injuries and some work related injuries, these require more consistent treatment. This is where the Annual Treatment Plan and the Annual Maintenance Plans come in. These two packages offer peace of mind and great value for money, knowing that your treatment costs are covered for a year.

The Annual Maintenance Plan is designed for people who require treatment once per month to keep them going and make life enjoyable, rather than just bearable.

The Annual Treatment Plan is designed for more chronic conditions such as osteo-arthritis or disc injuries, for which regular treatment or even weekly treatment is needed. If you have a problem that would benefit from weekly treatment then the Annual Treatment Plan will save you up to £1578.00 over a year.

Osteopathic Naturopathic and Myo-Facial Acupuncture

Consultation fee (including first treatment if suitable) £80  
Treatment fee £45  

Introducing Three Prepayment Plans

Prepayment Plan 4

Consultation + 3 treatments £175 Saving £40
4 treatments £155 Saving £25

Prepayment Plan 8

Consultation + 7 treatments £305 Saving £90
8 treatments £300 Saving £60

Annual Maintenance Plan

12 treatments £440 Saving £100

The prepayment plans are valid for one calendar year from the date of purchase and can be purchased as a gift.

and the

Annual Treatment Plan


The annual treatment plan is a single annual payment, to cover you for osteopathic treatments,naturopathic advice and acupuncture treatments for one calendar year.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above fees please do not hesitate to contact the office.